Lead Pipe Press  is a crime and mystery publisher based in Fairfax, VA. We publish stories about the corpse in the dumpster, crime syndicates, and gritty whiskey-soaked detectives who find out where the bodies are buried.

We have been publishing since 2009, and yes, we are accepting new submissions. You can find our books worldwide in English in both ebook and print.

Our Team

Stuart Gelato – Publisher,  Editorial Director

Stuart  doesn’t talk much about his past, but based on the time we have worked for him it is apparent that he has first-hand experience with the subjects in the books we published.

We have not been able to find  any records in the NCIC, however, and while he keeps insisting “youse guys” are imagining things, we still hve our doubts.

David Wynante-Bevalier – Acquisitions, Marketing Director

David is the office cut-up.  He is fresh from a couple decades at Penguin (where, judging by his spelling abilities, he was either senior management or the janitor).

Brutus, Dog

Brutus rules the office with an iron paw, and has final say on all decisions.